Regular Classes

The format tends to be: Meditation in the first half which is longer than on introductory courses and then an exploration of a theme in the second half. Themes can be one offs or last many weeks.

There is a friendly and welcoming atmosphere amongst people who are putting Buddhist principles into practice.

There is no booking and you are welcome to drop in anytime.

Venue:  Quaker Meeting House in Worcester, 1 Sansom Walk, Worcester WR1 1UG
(Walk through the archway turn immediately right and the door is on the left)

Theme: Mindful Emotion – Thursday Evening
Thursday Evenings 7:30pm to 9:45pm: From the 13th April 2017 (Thursday)

There will be a course this term following Paramabandhu and Jed Shamel’s new book ‘Mindful Emotion’. There will be copies available for purchase (11.99).:

A practical course in cultivating kindness to complement and augment other mindfulness- based approaches.

This book is all about kindness behaviour training (KBT). The authors have drawn on their clinical experience as well as Buddhism to develop a practical course in cultivating kindness, intended to complement and augment other mindfulness-based approaches. Amid the recent explosion of secular mindfulness, their aim is to reemphasize the importance of the heart, introducing the reader to a variety of ways of approaching kindness-based meditation, as well as to how to put kindness into practice in daily life.

A range of psychological theories and areas of research inform the KBT approach, primarily findings from cognitive neuroscience, as well as evolutionary and positive psychology

literatures. It also uses a range of exercises found to be helpful in Eastern traditions, such as Buddhism. The book will act as a companion, walking the reader through each week of the course.

Dr Paramabandhu Groves is a consultant psychiatrist working in the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, specializing in the field of addiction. He is a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order.

Dr Jed Shamel works as a clinical psychologist in East London. He is a member of the British Psychological Society, with particular interests in community psychology and compassion- focused interventions with individuals and groups

This class is open to anyone who has attended an introductory courses and learned the Mindfulness of breathing and Metta Bhavna meditations.


An Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation – Worcester on Thursday Evening
Thursday Evenings 7:30pm to 9.45pm  From the 27th April 2017  to the 29th June 2017

This introductory course is open to anyone interested in exploring Buddhism and Meditation. We will be looking at two meditations, one to develop increased awareness (mindfulness) and one to increase positive emotion (basically to increase kindness to ourselves and others).
Also we will be looking at a very ancient text, the Dhammapada, to help us get a feel for the fundamentals of Buddhism.

The Buddha offered his teachings as an invitation without any compulsion to take on what he was saying, this course is offered in the same spirit.

You will find a friendly welcoming atmosphere on our courses and if you can’t make all the sessions you will still be welcome to attend when you can.

There is no booking and you are welcome to drop in anytime.

Regular Morning – Saturday
Saturday Mornings 10:30am – 12:45pm  From the 15th April 2017

Themes are to be decided but we are open to topics/ideas you would like to look into.  Please contact us if there is a specific topic you would like to go deeper into!

There will not be a Saturday regular class on the first Saturday of each month but you are welcome to attend the introductory course on those days.

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