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Festival Dates


Sangha Day on Sunday 25th November (5pm – 7pm)

Sangha Day is a special day in the Buddhist calendar;  it’s a celebration of the those practicing the Buddhist path (Spiritual Community) at around the full moon. We will be celebrating with a Vegan fest followed by a Puja ritual practice at the Quaker Meeting House. It is a ‘bring and share’ Vegan meal so come along and bring family and friends if you like.

Main Buddhist Festivals:

Parinirvana Day:  the death of the Buddha (the full moon of February)    

Wesak Day:          celebration of the buddhas enlightenment (the fun moon in May or early June)    

Dharma Day:        the celebration of the Buddha’s teaching (the full moon of July)  

Pardmasambhava Day:  (September)

Sangha Day:        the celebration of spiritual community (the full moon of November)