Festival Dates


Sangha Day  on the 8th November: Celebration of the Spiritual Community

You are invited to Adhisthana Retreat Centre to celebrate Sangha day, one of the main Buddhist Festivals.  If you would like to attend email   

 Curry provided as the main meal, please email so we know how many to cook for.
If you can bring extras to share such as samosas etc. and maybe some people want to bring a vegan dessert to share 🙂

19:30–20:30 Series of short talks: Experience of Sangha

20:30-21:30 7-fold Puja with Mitra affirmations. If you are a Mitra in the local area and would like to take part in reaffirming your commitment then a flower will be provided for you to make as an offering during the Puja.

Buddha Day (Wesak festival) on the 14th July: the celebration of the Buddha’s Enlightenment                    Wesak is the festival marking Siddhartha Gotama’s Enlightenment thus becoming the Buddha. Buddha means awake. We will be looking at what it means to be ‘awake’, what the Buddha woke up to and what that means for us now. There will be children’s activities for the first hour and then meditation and ritual/mantras in the context of a puja. The festival is open to all although the meditation won’t be led.


Parinirvana Day: the death of the Buddha (in Triratna, the 12th of February)                                                                                                                      Dharma Day: the celebration of the Buddha’s teaching (the full moon of July)
Sangha Day: the celebration of spiritual community (the full moon of November)

All are welcome, we operate on donation basis, the festivals run from 4 – 6pm.