Going on retreat means leaving distractions and responsibilities for a short time and instead taking the opportunity to develop awareness, deepen meditation and let the beautiful surroundings affect you. You get to meet other people with an interest and practice in the Dharma (the Buddha’s teachings) and be well fed! There is usually a theme for the retreat that will be explored and the time to reflect on it as well as time just to be yourself.


Metta: A Kindly Abiding Practising – Women’s Retreat from  25th to 28th  May 2018

Love (metta) underpins the whole of Buddhist practice. Like a jewel it has many facets: patience, intimacy, interest and kindness. All of these facets are ways in which we come into relationship with ourselves and others. All are ways to live at peace in this fleeting and fragile world.

Women are encouraged to go to Taraloka in Shropshire for the May 2018 retreat on loving-kindness (metta). It won’t be strictly a local sangha retreat, as other people will be present, but a group of us can go together and it will be a lovely introduction to a longer retreat, in beautiful surroundings, at a magical time of year. This will be led by Viryanaya.

Book through the Taraloka website:                                                                                                                                     




Further Weekend Retreats planned in 2018 (Details to be confirmed)



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