Here is an update on the fundraising and search for the new Worcester Buddhist Centre. The vision is to have our own place, an oasis of mindfulness and metta, accessible to all, in the city of Worcester.

Recently friends in the Sangha raised £29,400 towards a buying a new home. That is added to the asset of the existing Sangha House.

The search continues for buildings for sale, or just empty, that might be suitable, please contact us.

What we are looking for is something like a doctors or dentist’s surgery, perhaps an old place of worship, maybe a council building, social services, or voluntary sector building that has come up for sale. It might even be a large house that has a big room in it, especially if it’s a house in a road where there are public buildings (as opposed to just other private houses).

We probably don’t have the resources or capacity to take on a massive building project. So a wrecked shell of a building is most likely not suitable. We probably wouldn’t get planning permission for a shop, although an office building might be possible.

So please do keep your eyes peeled! The more people thinking about this and looking and searching… the more likely something will turn up.

Thanks again for all your help and support. With thanks and metta,

Nibbhaya, Vajragupta, Vipulakirti and Viryanaya
(Trustees of Worcester Buddhist Centre)