Modern life can be a non-stop, busy rush. Weeks, months, years fly by and we’re not quite sure where they’ve gone.

The Buddha taught that human life is precious, and to remember that it is short and transitory.

Given that life is so fleeting, what kind of person do we really want to be? What is our life really about? What is really meaningful and important to us? The Buddha taught people how to develop mindfulness, kindness, wisdom and ways to live by the values that matter. He encouraged his followers to share what they learnt, and to create communities where people could be fully themselves and explore their deeper human potential.

2,500 years later, we’re trying to do the same in and around the city of Worcester. We believe the Buddha’s teaching is as relevant as ever. At Worcester Buddhist Centre we teach meditation and Buddhism to whoever is interested, and our classes have an open and friendly atmosphere where you can explore, question, discuss, and discover.

We aspire to make a contribution to the life and culture of the city of Worcester, to be a voice for the value of awareness, ethics, and compassion, and a reminder of the potential of every human being to be truly alive and awake.

We are part of the Triratna Buddhist Community, a Buddhist movement that has Centres in many UK cities and in other parts of the world.