Finding Peace in the World we Live:

In these uncertain times living in the midst of the pandemic, has forced many of us to change the way we live and what we take for granted. It can be difficult to practice with all that is going on around us especially without our normal contact with family, friends and local classes we normally visit.  However, there are still opportunities we can tap into such as online classes, talks and teachings that can inspire us in our spiritual life and keep us connected with ourselves and others.

The Buddhas famous proclamation from the Diamond Sutta: “So should you view this fleeting world …….as a bubble in a stream”  is a challenging saying  but also inspiring to look beyond and into our experience of impermanence. Below is information and links that maybe useful to you and they may offer some ideas and inspiration.

Useful links that may be helpful:

The Buddhist Centre Link:
Also the online tool kit for everyone including led daily meditations:
You can register for the London Buddhist Centre’s online teaching here:
Mindfulness Self Care for Troubling Times:
An opinion piece from Cambridge University:
Head Space app is free at the moment but please check.
Padmaloka is a retreat centre for mens ordination is conducting weekly talks that can be accessed on the retreat website which may be helpful for some  with a couple of years experience in Meditation and Buddhism

Download talks on Buddhism.

Books on Buddhism and meditation, written for a Western audience.

Learn meditation on the net, buy meditation CD’s, and more.

Buddhism for young people and for schools and teachers.

Image courtesy of Akashalila