Day Events:

Mitra ceremony on Saturday the 16th  March 2019

There are two levels of commitment in The Triratna Buddhist Community, Mitra and Order Member. When a person attending classes decides they are a Buddhist and sincerely explore and practice Buddhism then they can ask to become a Mitra or ‘friend’. We mark becoming a Mitra with a simple ceremony in the context of a ritual. All are welcome to the occasion. Mitra ceremonies are a happy occasion with a mixture of lightness and a definite commitment. Three people will be becoming Mitras on the 16th March. Do come and wish them well.

There is lots more information and becoming a Mitra here:

Festival Dates:


Parinirvana Day:  the death of the Buddha (the full moon of February)    

Wesak Day:      18th May celebration of the buddhas enlightenment (the fun moon in May)    

Dharma Day:             13th July  celebration of the Buddha’s teaching (the full moon of July)  

Pardmasambhava Day:  (September)

Sangha Day:                16th November the celebration of spiritual community (the full moon of November)


At festivals there is typically a short talk/s mediation and puja,