Information on what personal data we keep at Worcester Buddhist Centre in light of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What Personal Data is kept: The data we keep is your name and email address.

How Your Personal Data Was Gained: We gained your name and email address either at classes where we asked if you would like to be kept informed about Worcester Buddhist Centre events or you contacted the centre and asked to be on our mailing list. You thereby gave consent for Worcester Buddhist Centre to keep this information.

Where Your Personal Data is Stored: It is stored on a spreadsheet kept on Google drive. Google drive is password protected.

Who has Access to Your Personal Data: Three Worcester Buddhist Centre trustees have access to the spreadsheet. They are Nibbhaya, Vajragupta and Viryanaya.

How Your Personal Data is Used: Your email address is used to send you information about Worcester Buddhist Centre events only.

How Long Your Personal Data is Stored: Your personal information is kept until you request that it be deleted. You can request that your personal data be deleted at any time.

Deleting Your Personal Data: Your personal information will be amended or deleted as soon as we can from the time of receiving a request from you to do so. See Data Access Request page here.

Privacy: Your personal information is not shared with anyone else for any reason without your consent.

The data controllers identity: The data controller is Nibbhaya, trustee of the charity; Worcester Buddhist Centre. 

Contact Point:, or via the contact form on this web site here:

Nibbhaya – Chair  of the Worcester Buddhist Centre

Data Access Request

If you wish to know what date is held on you and ask for its deletion please do so on the Data Access Request page here