Practicing in Uncertain Times

Practicing in Uncertain Times

Practicing in Uncertain Times

The Malvern Hills Yatra with the Worcester Buddhist Centre 

Sunday 1st July 2018

 You are all cordially invited to a Yatra (sacred walk) across the ancient and beautiful Malvern Hills. Vajragupta and Akashalila from the Worcester Buddhist Centre will be leading the walk.

The Buddha spent most of his life walking, meditating, giving talks and gathering with his sangha out in the wilds of nature. There is certainly something magical we can experience outdoors in the elements that we never experience inside.

Inspired by the Buddhafield Yatra earlier this year we will walk mindfully in silence and fully awake to all our senses. This will allow space for a deeper awareness to arise with our companions, the landscape, and our thoughts and feelings. There will be plenty of pauses for conversation and rest. There will also be opportunities to take part in small rituals together. We encourage you to bring flags, bells, horns, ritual implements and words of wisdom or poems to be shared on our journey.

We are intending this walk to take about four hours on footpaths over hilly terrain. BUT please feel free to opt in or out of the walk at any of the timed meeting points or just come to White Leafed Oak at 6.30pm for food and a puja.


There are several things you also might like to access. These are as follows:
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I’m told the Head Space app is free at the moment but please check.
I hope you are well and managing at the moment.

What to bring

Wear comfortable shoes and bring water, sun protection, waterproofs and anything you may need to sit on – meditating and picnicking in the rain can be fun if you’ve got the right gear !!! Hopefully it will be warm and sunny for us.


1 pm                St Ann’s Well Cafe – turn up earlier and enjoy a vegan lunch there if you fancy.

3.30 pm           British Camp- we’ll take a break at the cafe there which also sells vegan and gluten free ice creams.

6.30 pm           White Leafed Oak for a vegan curry and shared vegan picnic .

8ish                 Shakyamuni Puja.

We will be providing a vegan curry, dhal and naan bread for the walkers – so if you’d like some then let me  know you are coming. Also feel free to contribute to the meal in any way you like and please bring your own drinks.


Contact Akashalila on if you plan to come, and where you plan to meet the group.  You will then receive a map and directions.

Any other queries please feel free to phone Akashalila on : 07518 883523

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