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About Triratna 

Triratna is the name of the worldwide Buddhist movement that Worcester Buddhist Centre is a part of. It is also the Sanskrit word for "three jewels". In Buddhism the Three Jewels are the Buddha (the man who attained enlightenment 2,500 years ago), the Dharma (the Buddha's teaching) and the Sangha (the people who put his teaching into practice).


The Triratna Buddhist Order and Community is a worldwide movement of people who try to engage with the Buddha’s teachings in the conditions of the modern world. Neither monastic nor lay, we are simply Buddhists, at varying stages of commitment and understanding, adopting to the best of our ability in our lives the ethical standards of the Dharma. 

Having said all that, people come to Worcester Buddhist Centre for all sorts of reasons. There are order members and people training to be ordained through to those who come just occasionally to find peace away from the busyness of modern life. You do not have to call yourself a Buddhist or even believe what you may learn here. In fact, a questioning attitude is encouraged at Worcester Buddhist Centre and in Buddhism generally.

Triratna: About Us
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