Welcome to the Worcester Buddhist Centre

If you want to try out meditation, or to learn how to develop mindfulness and kindness towards yourself and others, or to explore how the teachings of the Buddha are relevant to modern life, then we run classes and courses for you. Since 2002, Worcester Buddhist Centre has been running a range of events in and around Worcestershire.Our classes are open to all. You are very welcome to come and try out meditation, and to join in with discussions and workshops on different aspects of the Buddhist way of life. More and more people are discovering the power of meditation to cultivate awareness, confidence, calmness, and kindness. Buddhism is a practical teaching that gives us tools for dealing better with everyday situations, as well as a different perspective on our life.

What's Happening


These informally taught courses are designed to introduce and discuss fundamental Buddhist ideas, mindfulness, ethics

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Regular Classes The format tends to be: Meditation in the first half which is longer

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Going on retreat means leaving distractions and responsibilities for a short time and instead taking

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