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In 1967 Sangharakshita,  the founder of the Triratna Buddhist movement, made Buddhist history by giving women and men equal ordination. But 25 years and 352 ordinations later, only 70 women had been ordained.  So a team of women order members embarked on creating a retreat centre dedicated to women’s ordination training. Tiratanaloka was born: the first centre of its kind in Europe. Now the number of dharmacharinis (ordained women) has increased more than tenfold. Most of them trained at Tiratanaloka.


The original building is now much too small. Dozens of women are placed on waiting lists for each retreat, and with over 1000 on the database, many more would come if there was room. Women who have asked for ordination are asked to come on just one training retreat a year making the path to ordination take a lot longer than might be the case.


What's needed is a bigger retreat centre that can run retreats for at least 60 people and house a community of 12. To do this we need to raise at least £1.5 million!


Check out the Tiratanaloka (Un)limited website here

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